About Institute :
We often come across students from different walks of life, feel tongue tied when they are expected to speak a few lines in English. If a question is put to them ‘why?’ A unique answer comes ’FEAR’. Madam Curie rightly says, ” Where there is understanding, there is no room for fear.” But this so called fear grips the nerves of people irrespective of their age group, medium and profession.

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Towards this end, R.K’s APEX aims at providing care, clarity and creativity to the seekers of English and communication skills. To know about our innovative approach, we offer first three classes FREE. This course is the right amalgamation of practical grammar, vocabulary sessions, public speaking practice and personality development programmes. In implementing these practical methods, the usage of audio & video presentations surely enhance the understanding of the students and also make their learning permanent.

The salient features of this course are practical grammar with simple structures where students are able to remember easily and of course present the gist of the topic then and there itself. Coming to vocabulary, students get more than an active vocabulary of 1500 words with usage and right pronunciation. Special sessions on personality development provide a plethora of live examples and corporate concepts that make a student know his hidden energies and help in designing his life.

Swami Vivekananda says,” An ounce of practice is better than a ton of theory.” Taking inspiration from the words of Swamiji, various innovative methods are given room in this course. To prove this at the end of every batch a valedictory function is held. In which our students speak on various topics ranging from general to social and spiritual. On such occasions we humbly invite all to see the real progress of our students.

The opinions of our students are also given room in testimonials menu.

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A. Ravi Kanth

About the Director :
He has been rendering his services as a soft skills trainer since 1999. He hailed from Vijayawada. He completed Diploma in Mining Engineering. He obtained his graduation in BA from Dr BR Ambedkar University and Post Graduation in MA Lit from Madurai Kamaraj University.

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He started his career as a soft skills trainer at Apex Institute of English, Guntur under the able guidance of Sri K.Nagesara Rao. Rk Sir worked in Guntur for 6 years , in Visakhapatnam for 4 years and established his own soft skills institute in Vijayawada and has been running since 2009. He has completed more than 200 batches so far.
Besides this, he has developed interest in making motivational PPTs. He has presented exclusive seminars on Lead India, Dr.Kalam and Leadership Qualities in various colleges and schools.

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A. Ganga Bhavani

About the Principal:
She received her Post Graduation in Human Resource Management from Andhra University. Her initiative in holding various communicative activities for students made her a unique trainer.

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She has been extending her service in teaching profession since 2007.

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