Grammar: Most of the people feel grammar is a boring subject. But do you feel that instructions in a game bored?
Don’t you respect the rules of a game? Obviously, we all respect and follow the rules of a game. So the case with grammar. Grammar is nothing but rules of a language.

Vocabulary : Learning mere meaning of a word can hardly add value to your power of expression. In dealing with the vocabulary, you are expected to be good at Spelling, Sound (Pronunciation) and Specific Usage.

Spoken: Why most of the people feel tongue tied or nervous when they are expected to speak a few lines before others or in an interview. One unique answer we often get ‘Communication Problem’

Personality Development: A flower blossoms from a bud with a number of petals and adds beauty to its surroundings. Likewise, personality development takes in many folds in a person and makes him blossom into a precious gift to his society.

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