Vocabulary : Learning mere meaning of a word can hardly add value to your power of expression. In dealing with the vocabulary, you are expected to be good at Spelling, Sound (Pronunciation) and Specific Usage.

In the advent of technology, we hardly make effort to learn spellings because a simple touch on a screen we get instant support. It might be good but we lose the vigour of our mental faculties. Towards this end, RK’s Apex materials will help you to a certain extent. More than 400 commonly used words are given in the materials. By going through them on a sequential basis, the severity of the problem can be mitigated.

As English is not a phonetic language, many a time it is difficult to find out the exact pronunciation of a word.

RK’s Apex provides training in more than 2000 words along wither their pronunciation and application. Surely it will help students speak confidently.

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