Personality Development


Personality DevelopmentA flower blossoms from a bud with a number of petals and adds beauty to its surroundings. Likewise, personality development takes in many folds in a person and makes him blossom into a precious gift to his society.

To make students aware of these concepts, special sessions are held on ‘Leadership Qualities’, ‘Professional Skills’ , ‘Man of Value Vs Man of Success’ etc.. Students actively participate and come to know how to strike the right balance between their professional life and personal life. Different tools like SWOT Analysis, Personality Triangles and Smart Card for healthy habits are given to students for further reference.

Guest lectures are often conducted to provide much needed guidance and motivation to students. In such sessions, students interact with guests and come to know the essence of life skills. The institute expects the students to make use of every opportunity comes in their way and get benefited.

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